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"I am a firm believer that everyone has the ability to achieve their goals with the right attitude and self belief."
Iona Evans - Life Coach Inner Excellence


  • Life Coaching Services

    At Inner Excellence we offer a range of services to cover all your coaching needs. Whilst our packages vary in their purpose, each one includes the following as standard:

    • Professional coaching standards
    • Tailored service for your specific needs
    • Comfortable, informal and friendly approach
    • Flexible coaching hours to suit you

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    Life Coaching

    Many people have pre-conceptions about life coaching, and there are many variations of life coaching available, including hybrids of coaching mixed with some form of therapy or spirituality.

    I offer life coaching in it’s purest form, a direct, no nonsense approach to reaching your goals and finding solutions. The purpose is always to move forward and for that reason the focus is on the future, and not the past. Whilst issues from the past may easily be resolved with life coaching, it is not necessary to focus on the problem or relive the past to find a solution.

    I recommend a course of 6 coaching sessions, initially spaced at weekly or fortnightly intervals. Throughout the sessions you will gain focus and clarity on many aspects of your life, define your goals and progress towards them. A course of life coaching sessions allows you to make continued progress toward the life that you want, with support and motivation every step of the way to keep you on track.

    Please get in touch to discuss how life coaching will help you make those positive changes in your life.